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Start Your Journey of Talk in English and Communicate in English - Apply Online

Once your application is submitted we will contact you and provide all the other details. Please note that you should be over 26 years of age to apply for this programme. Read more details below in this page before apply.

Talk in English Effectively and Bravely!

Business English Sri Lanka


7 Reasons why You should Apply for this Lifelong Achievement Programme;

  1. You will confidently talk in English and communicate in English by sending emails, making presentations and facilitating discussions etc. If you are not satisfied with the improvement, 30 days money back guarantee is enabled with this learning. Conditions are applied.
  2. This will be a private and confidential learning mode. Learning Facilitator will be a very friendly colleague or a peer and not a traditional teachers or lecturers. If you prefer to learn individually we can discuss and arrange your time slot. If you prefer a group class we will arrange that for minimum of 5 participants. Our standard group class is for 10 participants.
  3. This high level learning is only for business owners/Directors/Artists and Senior Professionals those who have done their studies in Sinhala and need to be more confident on using English language in all day to day and business events. You should be a person over 26 years of age. This is open for both males and females. Females are encouraged to apply for this learning since we have arranged very safe and convenient environment for them with extra care. 
  4. We sse internationally recognized books, guides, audio, video materials and printed lessons together with both offline and and online exercises. 

Business English Book

  1. 80% practical and 20% theory with online practicals. We cover 500 hours for a each participant whether you join to learn individually or as a group. How we do this is a great innovation for adults learning in Sri Lanka. Probably we are pioneering this techniques in this way.
  2. Exposure to foreign nationals and top level Sri Lankan who so conversant in English as face to face and virtual conversations. We provides very comfortable, peaceful and excellent learning environment with all the facilities including a juice bar as a star class learning environment. It is for sure you will enjoy this learning hours.


  1. We charge only Rs. 40,000.00 up front payment with the registration and then Rs. 6000.00 to be paid monthly for six months for 10 member group class. If group class is for 5 or less members Rs. 200,000.00 up front payment from the group and monthly Rs. 30,000.00 from the group to be paid. If it is an individual class professional fee can be negotiated as a case by case.

It is not a matter of your present knowledge and skills on English language to start this learning. If you believe yourself that you will be able to talk in English and use English for all your business and professional communications and achieve to the top, then apply using the online form here. Good Luck and Let us Start a New Era for Your SUCCESS!

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